Friday, July 2, 2010

Heidi Vocab

succulating:  1suc·cu·lat·ing sk\  : stems from the english adjective succulent, which as one may already know often refers to some form of moist, luscious, bit of edible ecstasy which devilishly taunts you until you consume it. ie: "mmmm....that is one succulent peach." or, "oooh have mercy, cuz this crab meat is soo succulent."    

Now, such juicy tenderness that exists in any form of food automatically makes it anthropomorphic, thus it can only be described to its true potential by acknowledging that this morsel of goodness is soooo dang good it is now acting on you, rendering you to now be the object being acted upon. Thus, the need for the word succulating, as this is exactly what that tender bit of heaven is doing in your mouth. ie: "sweet chickens of mercy, this fillet mignon is succulating in my mouth." or, "mmm mmm mmm this great wall of chocolate cake is so moistly scrumptious its succulating in my mouth."

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